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Gynecomastia/ Male Breast Reduction in India

Gynaecomastia - Male Breast Reduction

Countless men over India and in any nation encounter an undesirable excess of fat and glands in their breast/chest tissue. This condition of enlarged breast like is known as Gynaecomastia or commonly as Man Boobs. Its cause in younger patients is attributed to hormonal irregularities for a brief period of time at puberty. The strangely developed breasts are a reason for shame and makes you feel embarrassed about your appearance.

But the truth of the matter is - you don't have to live with this condition anymore as it is easily corrected by Liposuction and the more manly chest is achievable. You'll have the flexibility of wearing the body fit shirts you always desired to wear.

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Gynecomastia is the medical term that is used to explain the condition of 'breasts' in males. It has been estimated that this condition affects almost 40% to 60% of men.

The objective of male breast reduction surgery is to remove that extrafat and glandular tissue (or, additional skin too, in some rare cases) from the large sized male breasts. Earlier forms of the male breast reduction surgery involved creating bigger areolar incisions and removal of fat in a traditional cutting fashion. But the minimally invasive Liposuction surgery offers a great option of treatment for those who suffer from gynecomastia due to excess fat only.


Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction UAL includes the infusion of a tumescent solution (it is a mixture of lidocaine analgesic, epinephrine vasoconstrictor and sterile saltwater) to the target problematic area . After waiting for few minutes, the special ultrasonic probes are introduced to emulsify or dissolve fat completely. This dissolved fat is then effortlessly suctioned out of the breast, leaving it to be firmer and masculine in appearance. With ultrasonic energy, even the firm tissues/ glands can also be dissolved to some extent. At the point when there is an abundance of glandular tissue, UAL may be performed in conjunction with extraction of gland from a tiny incision around the areola for a better result.

It is due to these advantages that the number of men who make a decision to undergo breast reduction has doubled over in the last 10 years.

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Men with strangely puffy nipples/areolae experience the embarrassment of "standouts" when bare chest at gyms, swimming, sports etc.. The condition gets evident when fat and glandular tissues takes place underneath the areola.

Puffy nipples/areolae most generally occur in adolescent and youthful grown-ups. Studies reveal that around 90% of puffy nipples/areolae cases are brought on by hormonal abnormalities wherein the male body creates an excess of estrogen (a female hormone) and insufficient androgen (a male hormone) for a brief period. The condition may affect one side or both sides.

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