Lysonix® works by initiating a procedure known as ‘cavitation’ wherein minute bubbles are being created in and later the bubbles collapse. These bubbles comprise of tissue that is fragmented (both living and dead) that are fragmented by means of ultrasonic energy. The Lysonix® probe works by production of these bubbles at the tip of the handpiece, an instrument that is controlled by an electrical signal that permits its dynamic parts to vibrate at a 22.5 khz recurrence. The procedure is aimed to melt or dissolve fatty tissue material so that it can be easily removed through a suction cannula. The final consequence of the removal of this fatty tissue is resultant firmer, slimmer, and toned body.

Dr. Vikas Gawri can utilize the ultrasonic energy beneath the skin also in the problem areas that require treatment to achieve "tightening up of skin". The energy that is applied underneath the skin works on shrinking the collagen as well as elastin which makes the skin to contract better than traditional liposuction.

Lysonix® is an important instrument for offering ultrasonic supported liposuction to the patients.

One of the significant benefits of UAL Lysonix® system is that -- it is safe ,
- gives better even results,
- better skin retraction and
- it is less painful for the patients in recovery.
- Since it uses controlled sound waves to break separated fat cells, surrounding tissues ( Nerves and Blood vessels ) are not at all affected.

This makes Lysonix® medication pain-free as compared to conventional, non-UAL, liposuction methods. The gentler fat evacuation of Lysonix® additionally minimizes bleeding, bruising, and post-procedure swelling. This overall minimizes the recovery time for the patient.

VASER VS. Lysonix®
Lysonix® is like Vaser lipo. Both are two types of ultrasound aided liposuction, however Lysonix® is more advanced, utilizing ideal ultrasonic frequency. This innovative technique emulsifies the fat cells, leaving the tissue around the target area unaffected for maximized safety and comfort for the patient.

At Kyra Clinic , we are offering all :-
1. Traditional liposuction,
2. Power assisted liposuction and
3. Ultrasonic assisted liposuction with Lysonix-3000 by Byron.

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