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Tummy Tuck: Get Your Beautiful Body Back With Our Proven Abdominoplasty Procedures

You deserve a beautiful body. Don’t let your bulged tummy get in your way of looking beautiful. Kyra Aesthetic Clinic offers the assurance of a firm and flat abdomen obtained via proven abdominoplasty procedures.


1. Experienced plastic surgeons Kyra offers top-quality treatments, conducted by well-renowned plastic surgeons. With more than a decade of experience, our surgeons specialize in plastic as well as cosmetic surgeries.
2. Unmatched services With Kyra Aesthetic Clinic, you obtain world-class services and facilities in a full-fledged clinic. We have highly qualified & experienced staff to ensure the service quality before, during and after a procedure.
3. Excellent comfort Our plastic surgeon will prioritize your comfort, so you won’t be feeling any sort of hesitation, confusion or unease.
When do you need a tummy tuck?
Our body contains two sets of vertical muscles right in the front section of the abdominal area. These muscles form the six-packs in a properly developed condition. All these muscles contain a fine linea alba line that divides them into six-packs. In the case of a major gain of weight or pregnancy, the abdomen wall stretches. In many such cases, the linea alba line doesn’t get back to its normal position. This condition is called Diastasis Recti.
An Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is conducted to repair the condition Diastasis Recti. The loose wall of the abdomen gets tucked in with the suturing process on the muscle edges. For additional tightness and proper shape, the muscles in other abdominal wall areas get sutured. There are two components of this procedure- first is the abdominal muscle in the front area, which you can feel by pinching the skin as well as the fat with your fingers. The second component includes the fat and skin. The fat stays between the skin and muscle of the abdominal wall. Pinching the abdominal wall allows you to feel the presence of fat. This is why it is known as “pinchable fat”.
Depending on the extent of fat and loose muscles, different patients receive different levels of abdominoplasty. People looking for abdomen muscle tightening and shaping can obtain this procedure.
However, abdominoplasty is not for people who desire weight loss. Also, people who are looking for the removal of stretch marks should consult before getting a tummy tuck. This procedure can only remove stretch marks if they are present on the excess lower abdominal skin areas.

Abdominoplasty- about the procedure

The procedure of tummy tuck helps to improve the visible appeal of your abdominal area by tucking the loose skin. Professionals conduct this procedure precisely that leaves a minimal scar in the lower area of your abdomen, which stays difficult to spot and hidden in the underwear or bathing suit. The results improve further by choosing an appropriate diet and regular exercise. It resolves the issues of sagging skin and tightens the abdominal muscles along with the removal of excess skin and fat.
Depending on the condition of a patient’s abdomen skin, fat and muscles, these types of abdominoplasty are conducted:
Complete Abdominoplasty
In the complete abdominoplasty, a qualified surgeon makes a horizontal incision right above the pubic section. One more incision releases the navel from the skin available in its surroundings. The skin gets separated, which allows the surgeon to use sutures on muscles as well as fascia to provide tightening. A liposuction procedure is utilized to refine the overall abdominal sculpture.
Partial Abdominoplasty
In partial abdominoplasty, surgeons concentrate on the removal of excess skin or maybe a little on the tightening of muscle fascia in the abdomen. Contouring the transition area with liposuction provides the desired appeal.
Combination Procedures
Many patients are recommended a combination of procedures. Abdominoplasty is combined with one or more cosmetic procedures to enhance the quality of results obtained. A tummy tuck usually gets combined with breast reduction, liposuction contouring, and breast lift.
How to be a perfect candidate for a tummy tuck?
People with exceptional skin elasticity are considered perfect candidates for this procedure. Such people’s skin bounces back quickly in the recovery phase after abdominoplasty. However, the elasticity depends on various factors like your genetics, pregnancy-related history, genetics, major weight fluctuations and more. Young people tend to have greater elasticity as compared to older people. To be an ideal candidate for the procedure of abdominoplasty, an individual should be:
  • A non-smoker
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Not very far away from his or her goal weight
  • Free of any uncontrollable medical problems that might cause surgical risks
  • Not planning a pregnancy in the near future
  • Determined to follow regular exercising and good dietary routines.
Abdominoplasty scars, care and recovery downtime
A long scar does exist when a complete tummy tuck procedure is conducted. However, skilled doctors have perfected their ability to achieve the desired results with the smallest possible scars.
After an abdominoplasty procedure, a patient is advised to not give any tension to the operated area for a few days. This is why patients are recommended a bend-over walk for about 5 to 7 days after this procedure. An overnight stay is prescribed after the surgery to ensure the comfort and safety of patients.
This way, patients can receive the care and supervision of the finest experts.
Proper healing requires short walks to promote proper blood circulation. The nursing staff administers many other things such as a patient’s blood pressure, medication-associated discomfort, proper sleeping posture and more.
Along with that, post-treatment consultation is provided to help patients know how to encourage the recovery process with proper care. Straining is not allowed along with lifting or bending in any way for at least 5 to 7 days. Oral medication might be prescribed to manage the discomfort. Proper rest for about 2 weeks is necessary before getting back to the daily lifestyle. However, exercising is recommended only after the completion of 6 to 8 weeks.

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