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Body-jet® Liposuction at kyra clinic

Body-jet® Liposuction – Using Transformative Power of Water 

Also known as ‘waterjet / water assisted liposuction’ 

It is a latest innovative method using gentle power of water,  the irrigation solution gets introduced into the fatty tissue by means of a pulsating jet spray of with a specially designed cannula. This gentle force of water jet dislodges the fat cells. After irrigation, the solution is immediately suctioned off along with the loosened fatty cells. The gentle water jet works to loosen fat cells and enables the surgeon to remove those .

The surrounding nerves and blood vessels remain much less traumatized. Besides the advantage of a particularly sparing and almost pain-free liposuction, much more vital adipose tissue can be harvested using the water jet-assisted method. The higher the quality and the more vital the harvested adipose tissue is, the greater are the chances that the injected fat cells adhere after autologous fat transfer.

As to the pre-infiltration, the WAL method also clearly differs from common liposuction procedures. In conventional procedures, the subcutaneous adipose tissue is filled with a large volume of tumescent fluid in order to prepare the operation. As a result, the body contours become blurred; the body looks swollen. This is not the case with the water-jet assisted liposuction. In this procedure, far less tumescent fluid (approx. 70% less) is introduced into the body before operation. Due to simultaneous irrigation and aspiration of the fat cells, a surgeon have direct control over the body’s contours and the amount of fluid introduced and aspirated throughout the whole operation. As a result, the adverse effects of the tumescent fluid during the procedure can be avoided.

Using the water-jet, hematomas and injuries to the sensitive nerves located directly beneath the skin occur far less frequently. The majority of tissue strands beneath the skin, which are important for skin tightening, remain intact.

  • The precise and tissue-sparing detachment of fat cells from the tissue structure minimizes the patient’s pain, swelling, reduces the risk of a hematoma and shortens the convalescent period.
  • The simultaneous irrigation and aspiration, coupled with the smaller volume of tumescent fluid used (approx. 70% less tumescent fluid used for pre infiltration) reduces the stress on the tissue.
  • The use of a centrifuge, or other fat processing procedures, are not necessary which results in time-saving and a better vitality of the fat cells for fat grafting.
  • Easy and direct extraction of the untreated fat cells from the container for fat grafting.

Advantages of WAL at a glance

  • Treatment under local anesthesia is possible with twilight sleep.
  • Very low stress by medication (approx. 70% less tumescent fluid is needed than in conventional procedures)
  • Minimal intra-operative swelling.
  • Reduced operative time due to a short pre-infiltration and simultaneous irrigation and aspiration
  • Easy cannula handling is more comfortable for a surgeon.

Improved fat harvesting and processing

Rating Various techniques of fat harvesting and processing have been developed over the last decades. In particular, harvesting and processing fat cells for autologous fat transfer was often a complicated and time-consuming procedure. We have learnt from the mistakes our competitors previously made in adipose tissue harvesting, processing and re-injection into the body. Our aim is to harvest, process and re-inject the body’s own fat in the most gentle way in order to achieve predictable, reliable and lasting results.

Gentle fat harvesting

Thanks to the gentle power of the water-jet, the fat cells are detached in a gentle way from the tissue structure. The pressure of the fine, fanshaped water-jet can be adjusted to suit the different connective tissue structures. The small fat cell clusters are selectively flushed out of the subcutaneous tissue and aspirated at the same time – at a clearly lower vacuum level than usual. Likewise, adverse effects caused by exposure of the fat to the tumescent fluid and unnecessary handling are reduced.


Gentle processing without centrifugation

During water-jet assisted liposuction the aspirated fat is filtered and collected in a sterile closed system. The aspirated adipose tissue and the irrigation fluid are immediately separated under vacuum conditions by the physical phenomena of buoyancy and gravity. This makes the need of centrifuge or any other additional treatment of the fat prior to transfer superfluous. The liquid content of the adipose tissue harvested in this manner is about 20 to 25%. This facilitates the distribution of the grafted fat in the host tissue, for example in the breast or in the face.

Lipo-transfer: direct and efficient

The survival of the grafted fat cells depends on being connected to the blood vessel system as fast as possible. Therefore, only small amounts of fat are injected in multiple layers. This ensures that the injected fat will be optimally surrounded and supplied by the blood vessels. If too many fat cells are grafted, they die before they can be supplied. a The gentle water-jet assisted procedure significantly improves the chance of survival of the fat cells after grafting.

Natural look

  • Natural-looking breasts, face and hands using the patient’s own fat tissue (no foreign body sensation).
  • Balance of skin irregularities (the re-injected fat improves the surface structure and elasticity of the skin).


  • Long-lasting results that only may be affected by the body’s own natural processes (as natural aging).

Synergy effect

  • Natural body contouring with body’s own tissue. Your patient’s body is additionally shaped by liposuction.

At Kyra Clinic, we believe that like any other cosmetic surgery procedure, Body-jet® procedure should be tailored to individual needs taking into consideration the age of patient, amount of fat deposits, tone and quality of the patient’s skin, etc.

Every surgical procedure needs to be performed by a trained, certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. At Kyra Clinic, we are dedicated to providing options and choices to our patients.  If you are interested about learning more about Body-jet® liposuction in Punjab, you can seek a consultation with Dr. Vikas Gawri at: +91-8146666880  or 80548 02500

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