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Dr. Vikas Gawri is one of the top cosmetic surgeons in India known for his skillful surgical hands and artistic mind to sculpt your body. He visualize your whole body and plans the Body Contouring (Liposuction & Fat Grafting) to give you a curvaceous figure.

Dr. Vikas Gawri and his team is expert and experienced in Body Contouring procedures. They will help you and guide you throughout the journey of your cosmetic procedures. He is Nationally & International trained and Certified in Advanced Liposuction Techniques. He always talks to his clients to understand their expectations and makes a treatment plan accordingly. 

At Kyra Clinic, we have clientele from all across the world. Both men and women of all ages come to us for different cosmetic procedures and laser treatments. We get clients from USA, Canada, Eurpore, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and all other countries

We offer procedures with minimum downtime and best results. The clients usually come for  2-7 days and stay in the hotels nearby.

We have experienced and dedicated team of doctors, counselors, managers and travel agents. Indian doctors are famous throughout the world for their hard-work, dedication and professional skills. 

At Kyra Clinic, we have State of Art Infrastructure, Latest Medical Equipment and Well Trained Staff to ensure Quality & Safety of all our clients.
Kyra Clinic is certified for All Standards of Sterilization, Aseptic precautions and zero Infection rate at our clinic.

Accommodation & Transport

Once you reach New Delhi/Amritsar Airport it is our responsibility that you have a safe and hassle free experience in India.
At the same time we are also committed to give you best results in your cosmetic procedure.

One of our representative from Kyra Clinic along with a personal SUV Cab will be at the airport to pick you up.

He will be at the airport with your name placard to receive you and bring you comfortably to our clinic or hotel in Ludhiana, Punjab. The cost for this travel will be US $100 from New Delhi Airport & $50 from Amritsar Airport.

We can arrange your stay in a hotel at discounted rates as under:
3 Star Hotel – $60 per day
5 Star Hotel – $120 per day

All the transport from hotel to our clinic will be free of cost.

Mode of Payment

You have to deposit 20% of the payment as advance through bank transfer/wire transfer to book your date of procedure with us.

 Rest of the payment, you have to pay us when you reach our clinic. 

The cost varies from case to case, according to the areas treated, amount of fat to be aspirated, the type of liposuction technology planned and whether Fat Transfer is to be done or not etc.

For the cost quote in your case, you have to send us your pictures of the concerned areas- as chest , abdomen, thighs, arms, back etc.

For best advice Dr. Gawri will review your pictures sent to us at [email protected] , as requested by our counsellor. 

Dr. Gawri also talks to his foreign clients personally to understand their expectations/ desires, personality, medical history and to explain them in detail the procedure, expected stay, follow up visits etc… 

Dr. Gawri listens to his clients carefully and make a procedure protocol keeping their desires in mind 


Dr. Vikas Gawri

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rajni

Skin Consultant (CEO)

Dr. Shareen

Laser Expert
Hair Transplant Surgeon

Why Choose kyra liposuction...

Experienced Doctor

Dr. Vikas Gawri has extensive experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery. The blend of experience combined with latest technology makes KYRA LIPOSUCTION Center a perfect choice for those looking for cosmetic procedures with natural results.

State of Art Infrastructure

Fully equipped with latest amenities, the clinic provides an efficiently planned patient care. The clinic has been specially designed to provide excellent inpatient and outpatient facilities before, during and after the procedure.

Value For Your Money

All the quality procedures done at KYRA LIPOSUCTION Centre are competitively priced. They aim to provide real worth of the money to the patients. The excellence in clinical care and the quality results of the procedure coupled with pocket-friendly price tag ensures high degree of customer satisfaction

Trained Staff

The caring, friendly, and cooperative staff ensures optimum patient comfort. The welcoming and thoughtful staff also helps alleviate the doubts and fears of the patients regarding the procedure.

Personalized Consultation

At KYRA LIPOSUCTION Center, we offer personalized consultation for our patients. It helps in assessing the degree of problem and devising the treatment plan accordingly.

Outstanding Results

The procedure performed at KYRA Center delivers all natural results. The procedure is performed with minimum risks involved and use of innovative technology. This enhances the rate of success and satisfaction of the patients.

Advance Forms of liposuction

At Kyra Clinic we have a collective experience of more than 15 years in liposuction constituting 10 years with traditional method and power assisted methods
5+ years with Ultrasonic Liposuction method and 3+ years with Water Assisted Liposuction.
Dr. Vikas Gawri is trained in these advanced techniques followed up with consistent results.

Ultrasonic/Vaser Liposuction is essentially ‘LIPOSELECTION’, i.e., it melts only fatty tissues.
- It spares nerves -- so minimal pain
- It spares blood vessels -- no bleeding and
- It spares connective tissue -- better skin retraction
We prefer Ultrasonic liposuction for the areas which have dense fat and needs Ultrasonic energy, for few minutes, to dissolve it. The dissolved fat can be aspirated easily.

Water Assisted Liposuction/Bodyjet Lipo is the latest innovation which uses the gentle power of water to loosen the fat tissues. It is the safest form as the surrounding connected tissues, nerves and blood vessels remain much less traumatized. The fat aspirated is LIVE and can be reinjected into other parts of the body as fat grafting to areas like face, breast, aging hands & buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift)

As an Advanced Centre for Liposuction & Fat Transfer, Kyra Clinic offers their clients with all the techniques of liposuction.
Kyra Clinic is pioneer in North India to start  Vaser Liposuction since 2012.
Kyra Clinic is the first and the ONLY clinic in North-India to offer  Waterjet lipo and LIVE Fat Transfer since 2014.

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