Fat Transfer - In General -

How to get best results in Fat grafting?

1). Fat Harvested with waterjet technique is viable

Fat cells are very delicate, sensitive and are easily damaged or destroyed when treated inaptly. In order to obtain good results in autologous fat transfer it is essential to use a suitable, gentle method for fat harvesting and transferring.

Water-jet assisted liposuction and lipotransfer is the only validated method – with clinical evidence documented in many publications. The data proves lowest donor site morbidity, very good results after fat grafting and 90% fat cell viability.


– Breast Augmentation

– Treatment of scars

– Natural Filler for face and hands

– For Round and perky Buttocks

– The use of adipose stem cells


– Method of fat harvesting and transfer – with special 2-3 MM Canulas and at low suction

– Viability of individual fat cell

– Lobular size

– Content of mesenchymal stem cells

– Exposure to mechinical stress (eg. centrifugation, shear forces)

– Exposure to air

– Selection of the local anesthetic

– Experience of the Plastic Surgeon

2). Gentle effect of waterjet spray

A unique method of Liposuction in which there is simultaneous infiltration and aspiration. The spray of water called as water-jet gently dislodges the fat cells and prepares the fat for atraumatic aspiration.

This is the most gentle way of liposuction for fat collection.

3). High Viability of fat cells harvested with water-jet

a). Study by Gordon H Sasaki: “Water assisted liposuction for Body Contouring and LipoHarvesting: Safety & Efficacy in 41 consecutive patients”

“Fat aliquots from five randomly selected patients were incubated with trypan blue vital dye to determine the percentage of adipocytes that absorbed and expulsed the dye within one hour and six to eight hours after extraction.”
This study demonstrated that 90% of adipocytes absorbed and expelled trypan blue dye within one hour of exposure, indicating viability of cells.

b) D. Krahl, M.D.: The study focused on Alterations of the fat tissue exposed, Effects on the individual lipocytes and Alterations of blood vessels and lymph vessels.

The results show that 90% of the fat tissue remains viable by body-jet

4). Optimum lobular size of fat harvested with water-jet

Fat cell clusters harvested by water-jet assisted technology have a diameter of about 700 to 900 mm, the most optimum size for fat viability and proved by scientific studies. This is the main cause for the high graft survival of up to 87% after water jet assisted fat transfer/BEAULI Method.
Large fat cell clusters with a diameter of 1,200-2,000 mm (as harvested by other liposuction techniques) will develop ischemic necrosis and oily cysts.

Body-jet cell clusters with a diameter of 0.7-0.9 mm will survive in the recipient tissue after transplantation.

5). Content of mesenchymal stem cells

Body-jet / LipoCollector fat contains 20-40 Mio adipose stem cells per 100  mL

  1. Water-jet fat tissue contains 500 times more multi-potent stem cells as compared to bone marrow.
  2. These adipose stem cells are multipotent, they can differentiate into almost every type of cell and tissue (e.g. fat, vascular, muscle, bone, cartilage, nerve).
  3. The newly developed human med system for the intra-operative separation and subsequent clinical application of adipose stem cells combines human med’s key knowledge in the field of water-jet technologies and in the gentle harvesting and transplantation of fat cells, with the long-standing expertise of renowned University research centres.

Exposure to mechanical Stress

Many studies confirm the negative effect of mechanical stress, centrifugation and shear forces to the fat cells.
The water-jet method avoids these negative effects. Centrifugation is not required. The small water-jet fat lobules are less vulnerable to shear forces than larger fat lobules. They are injectable also via small cannula without being damaged.

Exposure to air and oxygen

Also exposure to oxygen and contamination by ambient air can have a harmful effect on fat cells. The water-jet system avoids these negative effects by using a closed system for harvesting and transferring (LipoCollector or FillerCollector)

6). Conclusions for water-jet assisted liposuction and lipotransfer

  • Very high viability of fat cells and stem cells. Take rate after fat grafting up to 87% (proved in scientific studies)
  • Very low donor morbidity, less pain and hematoma.
  • Numerous published studies demonstrate the success of water-jet assisted fat grafting (BEAULI Method)
  • Breast augmentation using WAL alone is “faster, cheaper, has a lower risk of contamination, and offers at least an equal take rate, as compared to stem cell enrichment!”
  • Highest clinical evidence – the only validated method for fat grafting and lipofilling.
  • Fat harvested by Water-jet technique is most viable. It has mesenchymal stem cells which enhances the aesthetic outcome in many ways. There is no exposure to mechanical stress and air(closed lipoCollector system)

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Fat Transfer - Abdomen to Buttocks
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