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Fat transfer for breast augmentation refers to the use of liposuction procedure to take fat from one part of patient’s body (fat donor site) and inject it to enhance contour and volume of the breasts.

As an alternative to breast implants

Fat injection for breast is less invasive procedure for augmentation of size of breast compared to breast implants. In this approach, fat obtained by technique of liposuction from one part of the body, for example, thighs, is transferred to breasts for augmentation and reshaping.

This technique has a wonderful additional benefit of liposuction to other parts of patient’s body. But the increase in size/ volume of breast achieved is less than that with Breast implants placement. The women who desire a significant increase in the breast size should look for breast implants surgery.

Right candidates for fat transfer for breast?

• New moms who find their breasts deflated after childbirth and wish to restore the volume.
• Women with naturally smaller breasts feeling low on confidence.
• Women who wish to augment their breasts for cosmetic reasons
• Those who do not want to go for breast implants.
• The target site may look overfilled at first but our body absorbs the fat gradually.

This is a perfect procedure that aims to benefit women who do not wish to go for breast implants. Sometimes the procedure is used in conjunction with breast lift for yielding optimum results.

Dr. Vikas Gawri from Kyra Clinic in Ludhiana has treated extensive number of patients with fat transfer for breasts. If you wish to discuss your candidature, you can visit this cosmetic surgery clinic in Punjab or seek a consultation with Dr. Gawri at: +91-81466 66880 or +91-8054802500

Advance Forms of liposuction

At Kyra Clinic we have a collective experience of more than 15 years in liposuction constituting 10 years with traditional method and power assisted methods
5+ years with Ultrasonic Liposuction method and 3+ years with Water Assisted Liposuction.
Dr. Vikas Gawri is trained in these advanced techniques followed up with consistent results.

Ultrasonic/Vaser Liposuction is essentially ‘LIPOSELECTION’, i.e., it melts only fatty tissues.
- It spares nerves -- so minimal pain
- It spares blood vessels -- no bleeding and
- It spares connective tissue -- better skin retraction
We prefer Ultrasonic liposuction for the areas which have dense fat and needs Ultrasonic energy, for few minutes, to dissolve it. The dissolved fat can be aspirated easily.

Water Assisted Liposuction/Bodyjet Lipo is the latest innovation which uses the gentle power of water to loosen the fat tissues. It is the safest form as the surrounding connected tissues, nerves and blood vessels remain much less traumatized. The fat aspirated is LIVE and can be reinjected into other parts of the body as fat grafting to areas like face, breast, aging hands & buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift)

As an Advanced Centre for Liposuction & Fat Transfer, Kyra Clinic offers their clients with all the techniques of liposuction.
Kyra Clinic is pioneer in North India to start  Vaser Liposuction since 2012.
Kyra Clinic is the first and the ONLY clinic in North-India to offer  Waterjet lipo and LIVE Fat Transfer since 2014.

We have State of Art Infrastructure, Latest Medical Equipment and Well Trained Staff to ensure Quality & Safety of all our clients.
Kyra Clinic is certified for All Standards of Sterilization, Aseptic precautions and zero Infection rate at our clinic.

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