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Breast augmentation is one of the most common surgeries women obtain. With fat transfer for breast augmentation, women get to optimize the structure, shape, and size as well as the surface of their breasts.

The procedure of fat transfer involves liposuction of other body parts of a patient. These body parts are called “fat donor sites”. The removed fat gets injected into breasts to improve the contour, size, and volume.

With hundreds of satisfied patients, Dr. Vikas Gawri has the experience you are looking for. At Kyra Clinic, he offers his expertise in breast augmentation surgery during the consultation, procedure, and recovery as well.

Why fat transfer instead of breast implants?

With a professionally conducted fat transfer procedure, it proves to be way less invasive than breast implants. In fact, fat injection offers more natural appeal in terms of structure, shape, size, and feel. The fat gets collected from other body parts such as thighs. Another great feature of fat transfer is the removal of fat from other body parts of a patient. A natural- looking volume, size, and shape allow women to feel more confident about their looks.

Who should get fat transfer for breast augmentation?

Women can choose this breast augmentation procedure for a variety of reasons:
  • Moms of newly born babies who wish to restore the firmness, volume, and shape of their breasts.
  • Women who aren’t happy with their small-sized breasts and want to gain some volume.
  • Women who need breast augmentation for any cosmetic reason.
  • Women who desire more natural appeal than breast implants.
For all women looking for breast augmentation, fat transfer approach benefits in all ways. Our expert surgeon sometimes utilizes a breast lift along with fat injection to optimize the shape more accurate.

At first, the targeted site in the breast looks a little overfilled, but the fat gets absorbed gradually.

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