Fat Transfer for Hands in Punjab, India | Fat Grafting for Hands in Ludhiana


After Face and Neck, the hands often begin to show the signs of aging. The procedure of fat transfer for hands is typically designed to add volume and remove wrinkles from the hands.

Fat injection or Fat transfer for hands is generally done under topical and local anesthesia. It is a short procedure in which only few minutes are spent harvesting the fat from the donor site and then injecting the fat to the hands. The target site may look overfilled at first but the fat gets absorbed readily by the body.

Why choose to have fat transfer for hands?

It is a perfect way to achieve hand rejuvenation.Results can last up to years due to longevity of stem cells within the fat.

It results in soft and natural looking hands.

When combined with fractional laser treatments of skin of hands, the procedure can lead to complete rejuvenation.

How do I prepare for fat transfer for the hands?

You firstly need to have a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. It is imperative to discuss your medical history with the surgeon. During the consultation, your surgeon will ask about your expectations, probable risks, and results of the procedure. You should share with your cosmetic surgeon if you have:

-Any history of chronic medical illnesses.

-Habit of smoking

-Using any herbal supplements

-Regularly use medicines like ibuprofen or aspirin.

-Using any prescription medications.

What should a patient expect after the procedure?

Following treatment, icing is recommended to ease of discomfort and swelling. It is advised to avoid any firm pressure to the treatment area. It is common to experience the following after the procedure:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bruising, that may last up to a week

If you wish to undergo fat transfer for hands, it is best to invest some time in finding best cosmetic surgery clinic in Punjab.

 Dr. Vikas Gawri at Kyra aesthetic Clinic offers quality cosmetic surgery treatment in India including fat transfer or fat injection for hands. To seek a consultation with him, you can call at: +91-81466 66880 or +91-80548 02500.

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