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In the condition called gynecomastia, male breasts acquire a larger than normal growth. The procedure of gynecomastia surgery conducted by a professional surgeon corrects the overgrown breasts in males. The surgery removes the excess fat and tissue developed in male breasts.

For individuals suffering from gynecomastia, revealing the upper body feels extremely embarrassing in any situation, which is why they look for a permanent solution for their problem. Kyra Aesthetic Clinic provides assurance of a successful surgery to get you perfectly shaped man boobs. We are admired for our highly qualified and experienced surgeons, capable staff, top-notch services, and facilities.

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Gynecomastia causes a noncancerous increase in the growth of male breast tissues. This creates a visible deformity, which causes psychological trouble in men. The condition is associated with pubertal changes. About 75 percent of pubertal-associated gynecomastia cases don’t need treatment. They get resolved on their own within 2 years or so. However, sometimes, gynecomastia occurs in relation to several malady states. Similarly, pathologic causes of this condition may incorporate certain tumours, Klinefelter disorder, metabolic brokenness, endocrine issue, and low testosterone production as well.

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An imbalance of testosterone and oestrogen causes this condition. Testosterone is also known as the male hormone, while oestrogen is called the female hormone. Increased production of oestrogen, a reduction in the generation of testosterone, or both these conditions can occur simultaneously to cause this problem.
More oestrogen promotes the expansion of growth of the tissues in male breasts. Other medical conditions such as kidney disappointment, liver illness, and low androgen can also lead to overgrown breasts in men. Liver sickness and certain medications are very common causes of gynecomastia in adults. Medications related to tumour chemotherapy, HIV, prostate disease, ulcer, indigestion, antifungal, and others can cause this problem as well.

Male breast reduction- The procedure of gynecomastia surgery
The reduction of male breasts helps to surgically remove the excess tissue from the breasts. This allows a patient’s chest to look flattened with a masculine shape. That way, it takes away the feeling of low self- confidence and mental stress associated with the embarrassment of having huge man boobs.
Kyra Aesthetic Clinic specializes in delivering the finest results with male breast reduction surgery. A consultation with experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Vikas Gawri will help you understand the procedure as per your specific condition. You can resolve all your queries and ask as many questions as you want related to gynecomastia and its reduction. The doctor will communicate and conduct necessary medical examinations to plan the procedure accordingly.

Minimal scarring: The surgery is conducted by creating keyhole incisions as well as the areola, which leaves minimal scarring.
Results depend on the skills: The quality of surgery results is decided by the expertise and skills of a professional surgeon. Dr. Vikas Gawri holds more than a decade of experience in conducting surgery on different scales of gynecomastia. Dr. Gawri specializes in performing 3D liposuction that results in an aesthetic and muscular upgrade of a patient’s chest.
All techniques in one clinic: All types of liposuction techniques are available at Kyra Aesthetic Clinic. Ultrasonic Lipo, Power Assisted Lipo, and Waterjet Lipo are highly successful treatment methods against gynecomastia. Dr. Vikas Gawri performs a diagnosis to decide the best-suited techniques to treat the issue in an individual’s case. Factors such as the presence of increased fatty tissues, increased breast gland, induced breast gland and fatty tissue, patient’s age, skin elasticity, and others are considered.
With this approach, the final results of the aesthetic and muscular shape of your chest turn out to be perfect and permanent.

About 30 to 40 percent of men get affected by the condition of gynecomastia. The goal of a treatment approach is to reduce the size of breasts in males. In most cases, this procedure involves the removal of glandular tissue and excess fat. However, rare cases may require the removal of extra skin as well.
Older gynecomastia surgery methods were highly invasive. Surgeons had to generate large incisions through the areola. Such fat reduction surgery used to leave contour irregularities and apparent scars as well.
Newer methods require tiny incisions and keyhole incisions to remove glands and fat through liposuction. Dr. Vikas Gawri utilizes these advanced liposuction methods depending on the patient’s condition:

1. VASER Lipo or Ultrasound Liposuction Treatment
UAL or Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction helps to reduce male breasts with no complications. A solution made from epinephrine vasoconstrictor, sterile salt water, and lidocaine anaesthetic is injected. This solution targets the area, where the ultrasound probe is utilized to melt the fat. After melting or emulsifying the fat, suctioning becomes easier to create a flatter, firmer and masculine chest. If the glandular tissues are hard, then, UAL is combined with gland excision to ensure the effectiveness and safety of a gynecomastia procedure.
Ultrasound probe doesn’t damage any of the blood vessels or delicate nerves. It targets the excess fat only, which is called Lipo selection.
Patients have received exceptional results with this method conducted by the skilled Dr. Vikas Gawri.

2. Waterjet Liposuction
This is one of the latest techniques and technology used in liposuction. A waterjet applies a gentle yet effective power to separate fat lobules. This technology has risen as the safest method of liposuction.
Hence, it is leveraged in most cases of male breasts with gynecomastia. The combination of gland excision with waterjet provides the desired aesthetic results.


HOW MUCH IS THE COST OF GYNECOMASTIA SURGERY? For the cost quote in your case, we need to see the PICTURES OF YOUR CHEST area without shirt (no need to include your face).  You can email your pictures at [email protected]. You can whatsapp your pictures/Call us at +91-81466-66880 or +91-80548-02500 Please mention your NAME, AGE, PLACE your belong and any important medical history. We will reply you with the best advice in your case and the cost involved within 24 hours.
The accumulation of fatty tissue or gland below the areola area causes the condition of puffy nipples. This condition is common in adolescent adults. For the effective treatment of puffy nipples in men, Dr. Gawri follows a precise process of creating one incision along the outside areola edge. The applied sutures stay underneath the areola skin and get dissolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

This procedure is usually performed under General Anesthesia. An anesthetist doctor is always present. If you have any particular problems with anesthesia, then we can do it under local anaesthesia plus i/v sedation.

The procedure takes about 2 hours.

Two incisions are usually made, one on  each side of chest and another  in the areola.The incisions are very small, no more than 0.5 to 1 centimetre, placed inconspicuously adjacent to the flat part of the nipple (the ‘areola’), or at the outer edge of the fold under the breast.

First a salt water and anesthetic solution is injected – this is called tumescence fluid. An ultrasound probe is then inserted into the fat and breast tissue. Ultrasonic energy of the probe liquefies these tissues. Finally, a thin hollow tube called a cannula, is inserted and a high pressure suction machine aspirates the fat and / or glandular tissue – as the cannula is moved gently back and forth underneath the skin .Sometimes, it is necessary to make an incision in areola to remove firm breast/glandular tissue under the nipple. 

Gynecomastia surgery is usually an outpatient procedure. You have to reach the clinic empty stomach at 9:00 AM and you will be sent home in the same evening say 6:00 PM.

Stitches (if any) are removed about 5 -7 days. Sometimes dissolvable stitches or surgical glue is used that don’t have to be removed.

You can do all the normal activities at home from the next day only but you should plan to be off work for 2-3 days. You might feel tenderness, which can be easily relieved by pain medication (tablets), usually prescribed for 4-7 days.

A support / pressure garment is worn for 4 weeks –  day and night for the first two weeks, and then during the day only for another two weeks. This garment will help reduce swelling and conform/retract the skin to your new shape. Showering is permitted on the 3rd day after surgery.  Any athletic activities usually have to wait until approximately 3 weeks. Scars will initially be red and a little raised, but over 3-9 months they usually get lighter in colour and flatten out.

Our result is flatter, muscular and aesthetically pleasing chest. We also target the fat in the axilla and the sides of the chest. We aim to give a midline groove and muscular definition in the pectoral region. The scars are usually well hidden.

The procedure re-contours the chest  by removing the excess fat and gland tissues. This is permanent. There is rarely a recurrence.

You can start a leisure walk just 3-5 days after the surgery, as a mild exercise for mind and body. At 2 weeks you can start with exercises of legs, brisk walking and jogging. At 3 weeks you can do exercises of arms and abdomen. After 4 weeks you can start doing exercises of the chest. You should wear the compression garment during a walk, running or gym exercises upto 4 weeks. It’s better to get 2 pressure garment.

You can appreciate the result and feel happy even at the first post-op visit to us  i.e. 2-3 days after the surgery. The best result is at 3-4 weeks.

Our outstate clients can travel just after 2-3 days. Foreign clients can fly back home just after 3-5 days.

The procedure will be customized according to your specific grade/size of gynaecomastia. You need a face to face consultation with Dr. Vikas Gawri or  a telephonic conversation with one of our doctors ,for our overseas clients. We need to see your pictures of the chest area without shirt (no need to include your face). You can email your pictures to us  at [email protected]. You can whatsapp your pictures/Call us at at +91-81466-66880 or 80548 02500. You can mention your name, age, place your belong and any important medical history. We will reply with the best advice in your case and the cost involved within 24 hours.

 Dr. Gawri is recognized as one of the best gynecomastia surgeons in India by his patients, fellow colleagues and other doctors. 

He is very helping & energetic and explains you every details of  Gynaecomastia surgery, in a simple language understood by you. 

Your queries and concerns are answered patiently and confidently.

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