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It is a condition with an undesirable overgrowth of breast tissue and fat in males. You probably have experienced discomfort in revealing your upper body and avoid situations that would have been enjoyable if you didn’t have gynaecomastia. It is  a cause of embarrassment that makes one feel unhappy and ashamed about his appearance. 

The reality of the matter is, however, you do not have to live with this condition. Your desire for a flatter, more masculine chest is achievable through male breast reduction surgery.

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Male breast reduction surgery removes the excessive growth of breast tissue and creates an attractive chest that is flatter and more masculine, transforming it into a body feature that you won't feel embarrassed or ashamed about. You'll have the freedom of wearing the shirts you want to wear, and to be in situations without the fear of becoming the subject of public ridicule.

At Kyra Aesthetic Clinic, your consultation is arranged with Dr. Vikas Gawri. You'll be able to talk to him directly to find out more details about male breast reduction coupled with a medical examination. This ensures that you can discuss your concerns/queries and to tell your desired expectations to the doctor.

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The cause in most cases is hormonal imbalance for a brief time at puberty. There is imbalance between testosteron (male harmone) and oestrogen (female harmone)

Physical exercises have been found to be inadequate in addressing gynecomastia.

 Even heavily regimented exercise and a healthy diet are insufficient in eliminating abnormally large male breasts.


1). The SCAR is minimal. The surgery is done through keyhole incisions and through areola.

2). The RESULT matters: Every doctor’s surgical skills are different and results vary. Dr. Vikas Gawri has vast experience in treating all the grades of gynecomastia with advanced liposuction methods for the last 10+ years. Dr. Gawri is expert in 3D liposuction to give muscular & aesthetic appearance to your chest.

3). We have all the techniques of liposuction – Power Assisted Lipo, Ultrasonic Lipo & Waterjet Lipo . Dr. Vikas Gawri decides which technique is better in a particular case eg. whether there is more fatty tissue (softer), more breast gland (harder), combination of both, skin elasticity, age of the patient etc…

He is expert in 3D Ultrasonic Liposuction which gives more muscular and aesthetic shape to the chest

4). The result is permanent.



Gynecomastia affects around 30% to 40% of men.

The goal of male breast reduction treatment is to remove excess fat and glandular tissue  (or extra skin in rare cases).

Older forms of male breast reduction were based on invasive surgical techniques that required surgeons to create large incisions around the areola. It reduces fat but leaves behind an apparent scars and contour irregularities.

Newer treatment methods includes advanced form of liposuction though tiny incisions and gland removal though a keyhole incision in areola. The aim is well contoured chest, midline groove, fat removal from the sides of the chest and axilla.

Dr. Vikas Gawri is expert in 3D liposuction to give you more muscular and aesthetic looking chest.


Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction (UAL) is capable of reducing the male breast without the complications of more traditional gynecomastia treatments. UAL involves the injection of a tumescent solution (a mixture of lidocaine anaesthetic, epinephrine vasoconstrictor and sterile saltwater) to the target area before using an ultrasound probe to melt targeted fat. Once the fat has been emulsified or melted, it is easily suctioned from the breast, leaving behind a firmer, flatter and more masculine chest. When there is an excess of hard glandular tissue, UAL may be performed in conjunction with excision of gland for a safe and effective gynaecomastia procedure.

Ultrasonic probe will not harm to delicate nerves and blood vessels. It only targets fat.- LIPOSELECTION.

 It is perhaps the ability of skilled surgeons like Dr. Vikas Gawri to provide patients with these benefits that the number of men choosing to undergo breast reduction has doubled over the last ten years. 



It is the latest technology of liposuction , which has taken the liposuction procedures to a another level.It uses the gentle power of waterjet to dislodge the fat lobules. It is the safest form of liposuctionIt is preferred in cases of more fatty male breast cases. It is combined with gland excision to achieve aesthetic results. There is minimal downtime.



For the cost quote in your case, we need to see the PICTURES OF YOUR CHEST area without shirt (no need to include your face). 

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Please mention your NAME, AGE, PLACE your belong and any important medical history. We will reply you with the best advice in your case and the cost involved within 24 hours.



The condition becomes apparent when a collection of gland and/or fatty tissue gathers below the areola (or slightly beyond it). This deposit causes the areola to appear dome shaped and can lead men to feel discomfort and embarrassment. Puffy nipples/areolae most commonly develop in young, adolescent adults. To treat puffy areolae, Dr. Gawri creates an incision that runs around the outside edge of the areola, along its lower half (where the dark areola meets the lighter chest skin). The approach taken depends on the severity of a patient’s condition. Dissolvable sutures are placed underneath the skin. The surgery itself is short (about one hour) and often requires just 2-3 days for recovery.

Gynecomastia surgery  should not be considered a substitute for weight reduction. The best results are seen in men with average body weights and firm skin tone. Also, certain drugs (eg. marijuana, anabolic steroids) and medical conditions (eg. liver disease) can aggravate gynecomastia – these should be dealt with before considering gynecomastia surgery.PICTUE

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

This procedure is usually performed under General Anesthesia. An anesthetist doctor is always present. If you have any particular problems with anesthesia, then we can do it under local anaesthesia plus i/v sedation.

The procedure takes about 2 hours.

Two incisions are usually made, one on  each side of chest and another  in the areola.The incisions are very small, no more than 0.5 to 1 centimetre, placed inconspicuously adjacent to the flat part of the nipple (the ‘areola’), or at the outer edge of the fold under the breast.

First a salt water and anesthetic solution is injected – this is called tumescence fluid. An ultrasound probe is then inserted into the fat and breast tissue. Ultrasonic energy of the probe liquefies these tissues. Finally, a thin hollow tube called a cannula, is inserted and a high pressure suction machine aspirates the fat and / or glandular tissue – as the cannula is moved gently back and forth underneath the skin .Sometimes, it is necessary to make an incision in areola to remove firm breast/glandular tissue under the nipple. 

Gynecomastia surgery is usually an outpatient procedure. You have to reach the clinic empty stomach at 9:00 AM and you will be sent home in the same evening say 6:00 PM.

Stitches (if any) are removed about 5 -7 days. Sometimes dissolvable stitches or surgical glue is used that don’t have to be removed.

You can do all the normal activities at home from the next day only but you should plan to be off work for 2-3 days. You might feel tenderness, which can be easily relieved by pain medication (tablets), usually prescribed for 4-7 days.

A support / pressure garment is worn for 4 weeks –  day and night for the first two weeks, and then during the day only for another two weeks. This garment will help reduce swelling and conform/retract the skin to your new shape. Showering is permitted on the 3rd day after surgery.  Any athletic activities usually have to wait until approximately 3 weeks. Scars will initially be red and a little raised, but over 3-9 months they usually get lighter in colour and flatten out.

Our result is flatter, muscular and aesthetically pleasing chest. We also target the fat in the axilla and the sides of the chest. We aim to give a midline groove and muscular definition in the pectoral region. The scars are usually well hidden.

The procedure re-contours the chest  by removing the excess fat and gland tissues. This is permanent. There is rarely a recurrence.

You can start a leisure walk just 3-5 days after the surgery, as a mild exercise for mind and body. At 2 weeks you can start with exercises of legs, brisk walking and jogging. At 3 weeks you can do exercises of arms and abdomen. After 4 weeks you can start doing exercises of the chest. You should wear the compression garment during a walk, running or gym exercises upto 4 weeks. It’s better to get 2 pressure garment.

You can appreciate the result and feel happy even at the first post-op visit to us  i.e. 2-3 days after the surgery. The best result is at 3-4 weeks.

Our outstate clients can travel just after 2-3 days. Foreign clients can fly back home just after 3-5 days.

The procedure will be customized according to your specific grade/size of gynaecomastia. You need a face to face consultation with Dr. Vikas Gawri or  a telephonic conversation with one of our doctors ,for our overseas clients. We need to see your pictures of the chest area without shirt (no need to include your face). You can email your pictures to us  at [email protected] You can whatsapp your pictures/Call us at at +91-81466-66880 or 80548 02500. You can mention your name, age, place your belong and any important medical history. We will reply with the best advice in your case and the cost involved within 24 hours.

 Dr. Gawri is recognized as one of the best gynecomastia surgeons in India by his patients, fellow colleagues and other doctors. 

He is very helping & energetic and explains you every details of  Gynaecomastia surgery, in a simple language understood by you. 

Your queries and concerns are answered patiently and confidently.

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