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Body fat is such a part of our physical appearance which we fail to decide whether we want or not. Though it looks absolutely useless in certain parts of the body, like the tummy, fat deposits on inner arms and inner thighs are desired by most women. Fat grafting is a process of transferring fat from one part of the body to another which may lack volume.

If you have unsightly fat deposits in some parts of your body, you can utilize it for body sculpting to add fullness to your body contour. The removed fat is then cleaned and re-inserted in areas like breasts, hips, buttocks or other asymmetrical features of the body. Fat grafting is popular as it offers the benefits of implants and liposuction while being extremely cost-effective.

Considering fat grafting? Here are your options

The primary objective of fat grafting is filling up the areas requiring volume. These areas are unique for most individuals; however, the most common areas are-

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer: If you have poor skin conditions of your breast that have caused it to become saggy and drooping, then you can consider undergoing fat grafting in Punjab. It is suitable if you have disproportionately small breast size that needs augmentation and lift with fat deposits from other parts of your body.

Facial Fat Transfer: Many people have facial skin problems such as acne scars, laugh lines, crow’s feet, uncontoured lips and cheeks. All of these issues can be easily corrected with fat transfer for face as your cosmetic surgeon can help you get rid of any skin indentations or depressions.

Rejuvenating the hands: If you gave wrinkles and fine lines on your hands which make them look pale and aged, then you can seek resort to fat grafting to add volume to the wrinkled areas for covering the underlying tendons and vessels to improve the skin quality and overall appearance of the hands.

Augmentation of the buttock: Many women fail to achieve a fuller and rounded buttocks in spite of exercising on the target zone. With the help of fat grafting in Punjab, it is no more a problem and you can effortlessly flaunt your features with a skinny pair of jeans.

Recovery and Results

If you undergo fat transfer for your hips or buttocks or face, then the affected region may remain swollen and cause mild pain after the operation. You need to keep off pressure from the treated area for two to three weeks if your breasts and buttocks have been treated particularly. The surgeon may also inject additionally to some parts of the body. Though it might appear swollen for some time, it will come back to its original shape within a week to ten days.

However, you should refrain from doing fat burning exercises two months after the fat transfer surgery. After this time, you can see visible results, that is, significant increase in the volume of the recipient part. But make sure that you follow the advise of your surgeon closely to steer clear of any kind of complications and return back to normal life within a 2 to 3 weeks.

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